Boost Your Branding with These 3 Tips

Issa Asad Brand Building

The importance of building an excellent brand cannot be under-emphasized. Whatever your enterprise is, there is a dire need for you to build a winning personal brand.

What is a personal brand? Well, according to Issa Asad Florida based CEO of three companies (Q Link Wireless, Quadrant Holdings, and Bond Media), “a personal brand is a certain way to cultivate trust which will ultimately leads to customer loyalty and consistent revenues.”

Learn how to build your personal brand today. Just boost your branding with these 3 tips.

1. Identify, Determine, and Emphasize Your Expertise

The first key to building your personal brand is the identification of your Area of Expertise which will be emphasized. There is a dire need in identifying your natural area of strength. An area where you have a greater advantage over others, this will be your description. This is what best you can be known for. When determining you area of expertise, do not make the decision from your “Fake” or ‘Marketing” Self.

The moment your personal brand is considered a fallacy then you are not going to get trust. The essence of a personal brand is to build Customer trust and loyalty so be honest in determining your area of expertise. Once you determine this Area of Expertise then that is where your “Keywords” will come from. This is the best way to develop a specific niche to build a large and loyal audience. Always remember that whatever your description is, you must be ready to live it up every minute of the day.

2. Research and Join Emerging Platforms

In the World of Marketing, new Platforms are being created and some of them go very far in terms of popularity in the long run. As an Entrepreneur looking to build your personal brand, it is your duty to consistently research emerging Platforms so that you can be part of it from the very beginning. Take note that you have the opportunity of being a strong voice on a Platform during the first 6-18 months of the Platforms launch so you cannot afford to be a latecomer.

All social media Platforms like Vine, Instagram, Snapchat all started small and grew very large eventually. The early adopters of this Platforms have the higher advantage of building a stronger presence. Valentino was one of the first brands to arrive on Instagram, it is now one of the brands with the highest number of followers on Instagram. The Golden Rule with Emerging Platforms is ”First come first serve” don’t miss out.

3. Offer Multiple Touch Points to Followers

If you are trying to build a personal brand, then you can’t afford to stick with a single platform. As the 21st Century deepens, there are several achievements in social media. Not all your Fans can be on a single Platform. Try to have a presence on all the Platforms namely Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Vine, and all others.

When you are embarking on any marketing campaign, take for instance if you are making a Video, deploy it on all social media Platforms so that wherever your fans go, they will find you there. You will notice that brands like “Samsung Mobile” is not just popular on Twitter but also on Facebook and Instagram. You will do better if your followers see you everywhere.

3 Business Tips for Winning Against Amazon

Issa Asad Amazon

Since Amazon came into the picture two decades ago, there has been a dramatic change in the retail sector. Although Amazon started out as a book retailer, it has slowly evolved into the biggest online retailer in the world. Competing with Amazon in the retail or retail sector is a tall order for many retailers, especially the small ones. “This is not to say that it cannot be done as many have survived and continued to be profitable even with Amazon’s dominance,” exclaimed Issa Asad, a social media expert, entrepreneur, and businessman from South Florida. Mr. Asad is also the CEO of Q Link Wireless, Quadrant Holdings, and Bond Media, all from South Florida.

The secret to surviving and winning against Amazon is to know how to operate skillfully. Here are 3 business tips for winning against Amazon.

1. Excellent Customer Service

If a customer is happy with the service or product that you offer he will not only come back for more but will also recommend you to others. Customer satisfaction is usually defined as the gap between what the customer expects from you and what they get. The smaller the gap, the more satisfied the customer will be, and so they will always come back for more.

Each business tries to talk to customers to convince them why they are the best, but very few succeed in this. The retailers that succeed are the ones who invest time and resources in hiring and training individuals with the right skills to offer excellent customer service.

2. Concentrate on Retaining Your Current Customers

According to research, it costs up to six or seven times more to acquire a new customer than to retain a new one. Logically, the customers that you already have are more likely to buy from you than the new ones. Rather than spend a fortune to bring in more customers you should concentrate this resources to your existing customers so that you can retain them for longer.

Larger retailers like Amazon have enough resources that they can use to gamble with new customers. However, for a small retailer you need to conserve your limited cash and avoid incurring unnecessary acquisition costs that may not bear any fruits.

3. Experiment with Innovative Products, Packaging, and Pricing

The reason Amazon has maintained the number one position as the top retailer in the world for the last decade is the fact that it has something for everyone. Amazon has an extensive product selection, and it stocks almost all the types of products that any consumer will ever need. Add this to the fact that their products have a low price tag and you have yourself a perfect retailer.

To compete with such perfection, you have to experiment with innovative pricing, packaging and a variety of products. As big as Amazon might be it cannot stock everything and so you should identify something that they do not have and specialize in this. However, merely selling a product that Amazon does not have will not necessarily guarantee you success. You should enhance this product and offer your customers the value that will keep them coming back for more.

Before launching the product, you should test the market to see how customers respond to it. They are many ways to do this but crowdfunding platforms always work best. All in all, you should always keep in mind the fact that Amazon may be a giant, but this does not mean you can’t thrive as a retailer. There are many opportunities in the retail market, and all you need to do is to come up with the right product.

4 Ways to Increase Your LinkedIn Engagement

Issa Asad LinkedIn

Today, you do not need to be an online marketer to understand the important role engagement can play for those individuals determined to use their LinkedIn posts to benefit the path of their career.

“LinkedIn is a great tool for marketing you and your business – but only if you know how to increase your engagement!” said Issa Asad, Florida-based entrepreneur and social media expert. Mr. Asad is the CEO of three companies in South Florida: Bond Media, Q Link Wireless, and Quadrant Holdings.

Here are 4 Ways to increase your LinkedIn Engagement.

1. Understand Your Audience

There is no business person in the world that would consider investing in the design of a product, possibly even moving forward with the production process before making sure that there is a place for it on the market. This is simple logic. Before you spend your hard-earned money manufacturing new products and services, it is only natural for you to take some time to ensure that there is a need or gap from which you could possibly profit.

Social media is no different; first, you need to determine the type of audience you have to reach in order to achieve your goals, after which you can determine the sort of information that can best attract their attention, that is to say, what do they want to learn and why must they learn it?

To properly understand your audience’s needs and what interests them, you will need to gather feedback, using the information to craft your posts accordingly.

2. Solve a Problem or Meet a Need

You need to give your audience a reason to engage with you; the simplest and most effective approach would be to add value to your audience by meeting a need they might have. In other words, find out what your target audience wants and generate content that is best placed to creatively deliver the necessary information.

With the right approach, you could just as easily share other people’s material. If your audience finds your posts inspiring they will come to see you as an authority in that field, which will do wonders for your ability to engage with them.

3. Be Direct

Most people are busy, and you can only hold their attention for so long. As such, it is within your interests to endeavor to get to the point as quickly as possible with each post. The idea is to give your audience a reason to stick with your posts immediately.

The most engaging articles tend to state the benefits readers can expect to enjoy from the article in the few lines and paragraphs. More than merely strengthening the beginning of your posts, consider keeping your paragraphs short and complementing them with headings to simplify your reader’s ability to navigate the article.

If you can simplify your audience’s ability to consume your material even while grabbing their attention immediately by jumping directly to your point, you are more likely to maintain their interest for longer periods of time.

4. Do NOT Sell

Do not use your posts and articles as a platform through which you can sell yourself and the products you have to offer. Most people are too busy to indulge such tactics. Endeavor to provide value in all your content; if you can do so effectively, your readers will have a natural desire to know more about you.

As such, make it easier for your readers to learn as much about you and your offerings as possible, inserting links into your content to enhance the value you are already availing.

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